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  • Server Events

    Timestamp Description
    3 June 5, 2019 A bug caused the server to restart multiple times over about a 30 min period. Bug has been fixed.
    2 December 17, 2018 After implementing new c++ modular based back-end server went down because of bugs in parrot module, reverted back 24 hrs to c only version to keep stable until issues are fixed.
    1 20:00 October 23, 2018 Server back up. Beta server code was pushed to production side on accident.


    Timestamp Description
    17 June 6, 2019 Resolved issue that traffic may not arrive on slot 2 if slot 1 is in SCAN
    Resolved issue that may cause an audio stream to continue after changing talkgroups in self care
    Resolved condition in which server could crash upon user connect
    Added ability to set default talkgroup with options StartRef0=XXXX;StartRef1=XXXX; where 0 is TS 1 and 1 is TS 2.
    16 May 21, 2019 Resolved issues with openSPOT devices.
    Updated Selfcare to show only relevant timeslots.
    Resolved issues preventing never seen hotspots from showing properly in selfcare.
    15 March 4, 2019 G7LRR gives a new style look to the WEB UI layout also adding links to TGIF Wiki, Forum , & Face-book pages .
    14 February 14, 2019 Updated logic to client ping time handling and garbage cleanup on sessions. Bandwidth usage should be lowered and more efficient now. Should improve call quality and reliability.
    13 January 27, 2019 Minor last heard update to reduce 'null' names and call-signs on repeater corner case
    12 December 17, 2018 Reverted production server back to c only core, before c++ additions. Bug with parrot module must be fixed in c++ version.
    11 December 16, 2018 Implemented new modular c++ based back-end. New timer and event structure.
    10 December 12, 2018 Added 777 SCAN
    9 December 6, 2018 Added live map view (map.php) buggy, but still cool...
    8 December 6, 2018 Moved to new more powerful server based in Chicago.
    7 December 6, 2018 New REST api added. Self care control of hotspot now functional.
    6 December 5, 2018 K5MRE has helped improved the web UI for Lastheard and has many other things planned. Implemented new page.
    5 December 1, 2018 Improvements to web back-end and last-heard page
    4 November 29, 2018 Fixed high CPU usage issue. Several server reboots early this morning. Parrot also fixed.
    3 November 27, 2018 Fixed issue with talkgroup resetting to 9 on hotspots
    2 October 26, 2018 Server has officially moved to new back-end code. Last heard functionality now working.
    Self-care not working for now but coming soon.
    1 October 23, 2018 Implemented more logic to filter malformed packets