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Talkgroup Trustee 

Callsign: N2GYN

Contact Details:

Talkgroup ID: 124



Website: N/A

Talkgroup Description

The group was created to provide information, and help other BlueDV/DudeStar software Users. Products that run on BlueDV software includes ThumbDV, DVMEGA. Peanut, and others. Also including AMBE Chip. DudeStar uses either software or hardware vocoder. Please join us.

DudeStar is NOW combined into DroidStar.

DudeStar Download:
The link goes down from time to time. Highlight and then go.
Old Version:

1 Open the droidstar app and check the about tab at the top right. 
(This will tell you which one of the vocoder plugin for Android you will need.)
2 Close the app and go to your web browser. Enter in and search.
3 Press and hold the correct vocoder for your device and copy it.
4 Open the droidstar app and go to settings. Scroll down to the bottom to Vocoder url.
Press and hold the text box and paste the vocoder plugin. 
Press the download vocoder tab to load it into the app.
That should add the vocoder plugin to the app. I would close the app and restart it. 
You can also check the log tab to verify the vocoder is loaded.
Now delete the file from your phones download folder.

Putting TGIF and QRM Networks on BlueDV for Windows.

Disconnect and close BlueDV.

Navigate to .\Documents\BlueDV   
Open the HBLink.txt.EXAMPLE in Notepad or Wordpad.
Add this too line:
TGIF,, yoursecuredpassword, 62031
QRM_Network,, passw0rd, 62031

Click File > Save and save it as HBlink.txt
Open BlueDV App.
Click on Menu > Setup
In the middle of the screen in DMR+ you should see a dropdown box.
Goto the bottom and select TGIF and hit Save. Done!

Putting TGIF and QRM Networks on BlueDV for Android.

TGIF works on BlueDV AMBE for Android.
Set IPSC2 to Manual.
IPSC2 host is
IPSC2 password is securedpassword
IPSC2 port is 62031
Start Reflector is 31665
Start TG is "124
On the main screen, upper left, select DM+, type 124 and G for TG Group. Done!