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  Toyota Overland

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Callsign: N6TRD

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Talkgroup ID: 1521



Website: N/A

Talkgroup Description

For all things off-road, aired down, and in the dirt. I started this talk group to give folks who are passionate about 4x4, overlanding, and Toyota's a place to talk on digital radio. The TG does have an emphasis on Toyota's however I encourage ANYONE who enjoys the outdoors and off-roading to stop by and say hello!!! I can not stress that enough no matter if you drive a Gladiator, Land Cruiser, Silverado, Frontier, or Powerwagon all are welcome! If you enjoy being out in the sticks relying on your vehicle to get you home and modding it out to get there then tune into 1521 on the TGIF Prime Network.