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Callsign: KD7RGC

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Talkgroup ID: 1978




Talkgroup Description

The SUHO Lounge TG 1978

      "SUHO"       eTAf2PX.png
"Simply" "Unstuffy" "Ham" "Operators" 
SUHO,based out of southern Utah, was the brainchild of Dominik (KE7AWM), Martin (KD7RGC) and Thomas (N7TSH). Originally we were known as the Southern Utah Ham Operators, we are now no longer Utah exclusive, so hence the name change.
The idea is to provide a fun and relaxed approach to ham radio! Giving a great alternative to the stuffy and intimidating encounters that Ham radio is sometimes famous for.

This is a talk group where long,friendly rag chews are encouraged and no time limits are enforced, ever! Anything within the boundaries of the rules is fair game here. We do push them at times....(the limitations imposed by the rules), so be aware of this. 
This is an "adult" oriented Talk Group more than anything else, sooo.... please keep this in mind! We are a free speech talk group. That said, we are a super friendly and non judgmental bunch. This is the objective of the SUHO group. Hate speech, judgmental behavior and the typical elitism are NOT welcome here. You will be booted if that becomes an issue. All hams near and far (not just Utah) are welcome join the SUHO family! Add us in your codeplug! You will be glad you did.
 Last but not least...

Please don't be a band cop, no one likes them. 
Enjoy and don't take yourself and others too seriously. After all, it's "just a hobby".
"73" from the entire SUHO team