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  Technology First

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Callsign: W8UFO

Contact Details:

Talkgroup ID: 204




Talkgroup Description

Announcements (Updated 06 August 2022)

The Discord server has been deleted.  It was a good experiment but I don’t have the time to manage or moderate it.

Who We Are
We are an amateur radio & technology group focused on technologies like computers, ham radio, home automation, IOT, Raspberry Pi, and more.  Members share info. and help each other here.

Join The Network
  • Allstar: Node 41611 (Status)
  • Dstar: XLX/DCS/XRF 256 Module M (Status)
  • EchoLink: 262151 (W8UFO-R)
  • Hams Over IP: Ext. 15004
    Note: Press *99 to TX, # to end TX
  • Hamshack Hotline: Ext. 94019 (Status)
    Note: Press *99 to TX, # to end TX
  • TGIF DMR: TG 204 (Last Heard)
    Note: Legacy connections not supported
  • YSF: 04743 - US Techfirst (Status)

Scheduled Nets
Day(s)    Time (US East)    Net Name
Daily     12:00 - 14:00     East Tennessee Lunch Bunch Net
Tuesday   19:00 - 21:00     Absolute Tech
Sunday    17:00 - 19:00     Raspberry Pi Net