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  Amateur Television Network

Talkgroup Trustee 

Callsign: KC6JPG

Contact Details:

Talkgroup ID: 224



Website: https://

Talkgroup Description

Linking our fast scan amateur television operators throughout the world.  The ATN's "The Weekly Net" is on Wednesdays at 0330UTC (Tuesdays at 7:30pm Pacific Standard Time).

Watch the fast scan television activity on YouTube LIVE! and on the AREDN Mesh Network under ATN - Santiago Peak from the KC6JPG AREDN station.

Our ATN DMR Nets are hosted every Tuesday at 0400 UTC (Monday at 8:00pm Pacific Standard Time / 11:00pm Eastern Standard Time).  Our DMR talkgroup and amateur television repeaters are OPEN to all HAM operators.

We will "see" you on the air.  73!


Roland Hoffman - KC6JPG
Digital Systems Director
Amateur Television Network