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  UK ChatterBOX

Talkgroup Trustee 

Callsign: G4XTZ

Contact Details:

Talkgroup ID: 2350




Talkgroup Description

UK ChatterBOX came about by accident, a group of us on Brandmeister TG 2350 use to have long chats on that talk group late at night, and were forever falling foul of the Digital Police.

So one evening we discovered the TGIF Network and came up on TG 2350, after talking for some time we said it would be nice if we could have this talk group as a chat channel, we found out a couple of days later Ty KG5RKI had heard us talking and added the channel. 

Those involved with coming up with this channel are Tom M0HYE, who came up with name, Alan G4XTZ, Tony 2E0KZV, and Shane M0VUB.
This Talk Group is free for all to use. This is also connected to the FreeSTAR IPSC2 and System X DMR Network TG 2350, TG 2352, TG 2353 TG2354.   

Information about System X can be found @
For more information on these Talkgroups, come and join us on TG 2350 UK ChatterBOX!

To access 2350, 2352, 2353, and 2354, please go to TGIF and create an account. Once your account has been approved you can then use your password that has been generated in the selfcare section of your TGIF account!

As of Wednesday 15/12/2021 at around 16.31 PM, TG 2350 UK-ChatterBOX went live on the Peanut AP, you can find it in the list under DMR2350, many thanks to Shane M0VUB for making this possible, and David PA7LIM for the connection, it was all done in 3 days from start to finish.

* UPDATE * As of the first week of November 2022 TG2350 is now available on Fusion, you can find it on pi-star under YSF 23503 this has been connected using Ernie GM7KBK Network.
If your using BlueDv or a pi-star hot spot, you will find the channel listed as 00-CHATTERBOX.
It can also be found on FCS 235-73 DG-ID-73.
Many thanks to Ernie GM7KBK for making this possible. 

* UPDATE * As of Tuesday 08/11/2022 Shane M0VUB put in a requested to IPSC2+ Network to add TG 2350 to the IPSC2 FreeSTAR DMR+ Network on reflector 4425 slot 2 this has been granted, and is now connected, to connect to Reflector 4425 make a private call to 4425, once connected switch to TG9. 
Many thanks to Peter DG9FFM for adding Reflector 4425 to the IPSC2 DMR+ World Wide Network.
                                                                                                      * UPDATE * from early March 2023 Shane M0VUB has added UK Chatterbox TG 2350 to the NXDN Network.
To use NXDN you need to contact to get an NXDN ID.

* UPDATE * FROM June 2023 Shane M0VUB has added P25 to UK Chatterbox TG 2350.

As of 11/7/2023 TG 2351 has been removed from UK Chatterbox, and transferred to Ernie GM7KBK.


UK ChatterBOX - The Wafflers HangOUT!!