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  Yooper Amateur Radio Club KC8NWS

Talkgroup Trustee 

Callsign: KC8NWS

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Talkgroup ID: 27906



Website: N/A

Talkgroup Description

Yooper Amateur Radio Club is located in Ironwood,Michigan founded in July 2020. Our purpose is to promote the radio art and science and assist in the naional emergency preparedness efforts in the field of Emegency communications. YARC is a special interest Club. We do, however, invite amateurs strongly interested in the different aspects of Ham Radio and promote their special interests. We welcome all amateurs from the newest technician to the most seasoned extra class. We encourage membership in ARRL, MARS, SKYWARN, ARES, and RACES, and acknowledge the amateur radio operator’s responsibility to the public by providing emergency communications, encouraging members to improve their communication and technical skills, and by fostering international good will. Want to get on the air? Looking for help setting up a radio? Have a question or problem that’s been bothering you? Our “Hams Helping Hams” session may be just what you need. the Yooper Amateur Radio Club is on facebook for anyone who is interested in viewing just go to facebook and search for Yooper Amateur Radio Club and if it pleases you like the page. AllStar Link 52251 Supermon 2 YARC Discord Server President Robert Eskola K4WTH Vice President Robert Lane KB8ZXE Repeater Vice President Matt Burak KE8EFB Trustee Jeremy Balduc WX8NWS Treasurer Robert Eskola K4WTH