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  Gaming Central

Talkgroup Trustee 

Callsign: AB5WX

Contact Details: AB5WX@ARRL.NET

Talkgroup ID: 31163



Website: N/A

Talkgroup Description

This talkgroup is for amateurs who enjoy gaming. It is about time we have a nexus for amateur radio operators and the gaming community.

The idea is to bring gamers from all over the world together to discuss games and connect!

Ragchewing on this talkgroup is highly encouraged, and ALL licensed amateurs are welcome! 

It doesn’t matter if you play on PC, consoles, or mobile devices. 

Come in and put out your call. We all share a passion for games, and there’s a lot we can learn from one another. 

See you on the network!

Also, don't forget to say hi to my XYL, Stephanie - K5SGG.

Nick Gaspard, AB5WX
Admin for Gaming Central