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  DGTLCOM - Great Lakes Digital Common

Talkgroup Trustee 

Callsign: W2GLD

Contact Details:

Talkgroup ID: 31266



Website: N/A

Talkgroup Description

"Great Lakes Digital Common Interlink" (aka DGTLCOM) is unified platform designed bridging together all amateur radio digital voice modes into a single common location to allow amateur operators to choose the digital voice platform that best suits their individual needs, while still retaining connectivity to others in the community, without the need to own multiple digital radios.

The current supported modes include: P25, NXDN, DMR, DSTAR, YSF and M17.  Regardless of the mode, all resources share the same common talkgroup/reflector assignment of "31266" or universal reflector "URF734A (a.k.a. XLX734A)"; so, it's easy to remember and access no matter where you are in the digital world.

This is an open, extended QSO/roundtable/ragchew platform and is English language only; there is absolutely no external bridging allowed outside of the aforementioned connections established by the trustees of DGTLCOM.  This platform is designed for "actual radio-to-radio communications" only!  Due to countless poor audio issues related to tablet and PC software users, we respectfully request these users take their conversations elsewhere, unless they are willing to utilize a hardware AMBE vocoder and will accept severe criticism about their audio configurations until they get it dialed in...

All are welcome to join in on the conversations, no topics are off limits, we're just a group of amateur radio operators enjoying the hobby and advancements in technologies...