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Callsign: K3ALG

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Talkgroup ID: 31420




Talkgroup Description

Good Day!


Welcome to the PAPSAR club! We are based out of Palmerton, PA USA. And linked the the K3ALG allstar repeater 448.265 -5 210.7  


  • DMR Machine coming soon. More to come on that.  


  • A 40 foot tower is constructed in the west side of palmerton. Expected to raise about an extra 20 feet by the start of fall. Waiting for nicer weater 


  • After gaining a decent amount of members, the first meeting will be called and we will vote on elected officials. The meeting area will most likely be in the Lehigh Valley as a central location for everyone to travel.


  • The system is open to ANYONE public safety nor not. However they must be licensed operators.


  • This system will NOT be linked to any wide area networked systems at this time. However, there is a possibility of linking with another repeater in the Lehigh Valley in the future. The system is currently linked via Allstar and Echolink. 

  • Coordination is complete. Please see the home page for details. 


  • Enjoy yourself and have fun. That is why we are here. Pleasure to have you aboard! PLEASE share this information with your neighboring clubs, friends, and fellow operators.


And last but not least an introduction from me. My name is Aaron Groover co-founder of the club. I have been in EMS and Dispatching for 15 years. I currently work at Eastern PA Medcom and also Trappe FIre Co. in Montgomery County. I have been around amatuer radio pretty much my entire childhood. I was brought into this hobby by my father after a wonderful gentleman/family friend/co-worker KG3I got him involved just by making a contact in the parking lot at Lehighton Ambulance.


Recently my father the other co-founder, W3NTT passed away on 6/10/2020 doing what he loved to do, listen to the radio. Before he passed we had plans to start a club for our fellow friends, past colleagues in the business that we are in. I made a promise to him to keep this project going as this was his dream for many years. I took it upon myself and the help of you guys to continue his goal and make him proud.


I can not thank you guys enough for what you all do. Over the last several years, I have had compassion and respect for the hobby and the operators I talk to. Please help to keep this growing. We all know it's going to take a while, but we will get there. Feel free to throw out my call. I'm always on the air. 




Always 73's,



Aaron Groover - K3ALG