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  Ham Radio Venture Overland

Talkgroup Trustee 

Callsign: KB7RQQ

Contact Details:

Talkgroup ID: 31655




Talkgroup Description

Ham Radio Venture Overland is a Brandmeister group.  The TGIF talk group was set up as sort of a 'Channel 2".  This TG is often connected to the main group via an AllStarLink bridge.  This is an analog to digital bridge so most traffic will show the callsign of the AllStarLink trustee and not pass digital ID's..yet.  Please feel free to join in!  If you have AllStar capabilities, the bridge node is 54897.  Venture Overland has Wires-X (81335), AllStar (54897), P25 (31655), Brandmeister (31655), TGIF (31655) and D-Star connectivity via XLX-303.  Visit for XLX-303 information.

This is a group for outdoor enthusiasts to discuss topics ranging from Overlanding, 4X4, Camping, Bushcraft and camp cooking. ALL are welcome to join us. Rag-chewing is encouraged!


This site is a compliment to DMR talk group 31655 Venture Overland. Venture Overland is a Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) talk group on the Brandmeister and TGIF Prime DMR Networks. The talk group is for outdoor enthusiasts and 4X4'ers who are Ham Radio operators.  The purpose of the site is to post pictures and stories of our adventures to discuss, share ideas, and learn from each other.

Though we are called 'Venture Overland', you don't need a bazillion dollar custom off-road vehicle to be here.  As a poster on the website said... “We run what we brung!”.........” BUT!  If you do have a bazillion dollar off-road rig, we'd love to see it, hear about it, and geek-out over it.  

We are mostly 'average Joe's' who just enjoy getting out of town, traveling mountain roads, beaches, and camping.  Avid Indoorsman are welcome too... why not?!  We all share at least one common interest and that is Ham Radio.

31655 - Ham Radio Venture Overland is a friendly place that is open to all licensed Ham operators. Ragchewing is absolutely OK! And encouraged. Use the talk group!

Join our NetsEvery Sunday at 6:PM PST / 9:PM EST

This website/blog site was created so that HRVO users can share what they are up to, projects being worked on, and to learn from the discussions that ensue from the posts.

This website will morph into whatever it needs to be in order to support the base as new users bring new interests and ideas.  You can post pictures and content using the Post Your Adventure form on the main page.  Your first post will be moderated (because of an attack of Cialis adds that made me do it) after that you will be good to go.  If you want your own contributor login, let me know and I'll send you an invite with login info to set you up as a contributor.  Contributing from the normal WordPress interface is much easier with better editing tools and picture posting options.

Current user interests include Survival (urban and wilderness), Overlanding, Bush Craft, Jeep Trekking, repair and maintenance of our equipment, Roughing It, Ham Radio gear, and even my personal favorite these days, Glamping in my trailer with air conditioning.

HRVO History - It began 8/18/2018

We were initially denied our ‘own’ talk group as admins felt there were already too many unused talk groups. They felt that 'Outdoor Adventure Group' was where we belonged.  We felt like we were slightly different than the mission of that talk group.  We worked to avoid using 'outdoor' or 'adventure' to differentiate ourselves and convince BM we needed a space of our own. Venture Overland :) 

Mike AA1PR pressed the issue with one such admin since there was no policy in place that said we couldn't have our own group, heck! everybody else that asked has one!  After some back and forth, finally, we were instructed to use one of our personal ID's until we could prove sustained usage and a need in the eyes of the Brandmeister Admins. OK.... fair I guess...  That same day an admin post went out to the Brandmeister Master Server Facebook pages stating that policy.  A funny excerpt from one such back-and-forth is an exact quote ".... I better not see just a bunch of 1-second key-ups...." 

We were occupying my personal DMR ID as a talkgroup (3153376) until we could get/earn approval for a place of our own. They stayed true to their word and we got it! Talkgroup 31655 – Venture Overland

This group was conceptualized by Mike AA1PR in Vermont (overland and bushcraft enthusiast), Gary KG5NBA in Texas (A prolific Jeep guy with a love of margaritas), and Todd KB7RQQ in Washington State (who has progressed from sleeping on the ground under a tarp to a Master Glamper)

The hope/goal is to foster friendship, share ideas, and learn from each other.

Most adventures are discussed on the DMR talkgroup…. but it’s fun to see pictures and read the stories. So share away!

-Todd KB7RQQ