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Talkgroup Trustee 

Callsign: AG5AA

Contact Details:

Talkgroup ID: 32384




Talkgroup Description

Greetings, This is Luis AG5AA. The repeater is in Aldine, north of downtown Houston, Texas. The machine is open for digital modes. The local frequencies are RX 440.100000 TX 445.100000
- Key-up for DMR BM TS-2 TG-313146 and DSTAR XLX034-A Module “A”.
DMR TS-1 TGIF TG 32348. (DMR Only) It is "temporarily" disconnected due to changes in the XLX034 Modules.
- XLX-Module A is transcoding channel to enjoy DMR <> DSTAR. 
- FUSION YSF32385 It is XLX-034 Module “B” (This is also a 2CH. Transcoding system)
-DSTAR It is XLX034-C Module “C” DSTAR-Only.
-WIRES-X (work on progress)
Have fun and be a good ambassador of ham radio. I am currently making improvements. 
I have been working on an ICS Controller to fit it on a MMDVM so, I can add ID's and other good stuff used in analog repeaters.
About me: I have been a ham my whole life. Digital communication's been a new learning process. I do not know everything; I am always learning something new to keep this going. Although I am always open to extra help for ways of improvement. Now I am a disabled person. I served the local airline for thirty years until I had become disable.
73 DE Luis AG5AA