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  Northampton Radio Club

Talkgroup Trustee 

Callsign: 2E0ORE

Contact Details:

Talkgroup ID: 36250




Talkgroup Description

The Northampton Radio Club is one of the oldest clubs in the country, founded in 1913, so in 2013 we celebrated 100 years of amateur radio in Northampton.

We are open to anyone with an interest in amateur radio at any level and can provide support, training and examination facilities at our Club meeting place for those wishing to obtain or upgrade a transmitting licence.

We can also provide training and practice for the Morse Proficiency Certificate. The club is active in contests both on HF and VHF/UHF, construction, rallies, special event stations and social activities.

We also have a club field which we use for contests, BBQ’s, Training and much more. Check on website for meeting dates and times