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Callsign: K9PSL

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Talkgroup ID: 4201




Talkgroup Description

Welcome to CDARIN (See DAH rin) – The Caribbean Digital Amateur Radio International Network. CDARIN was conceived by ham radio operators in the Caribbean and in the diaspora as a way of building a bridge to connect the two groups.

Many ham radio operators who immigrate from the Caribbean assimilate into amateur radio clubs in their adopted home countries. However, many yearn for a way to reconnect to their counterparts in the Caribbean without tying up resources meant for hams worldwide.

CDARIN envisions that there needs to be ‘a home’ on the web and digital amateur radio platforms dedicated to developing a network of Caribbean hams worldwide.

CDARIN is not meant to be another club, as much as it is meant to provide information and support to the many successful and fully functioning clubs in each of the Caribbean islands.

In keeping with our motto: connect…communicate…collaborate, it is hoped that the amateur radio services and support offered by CDARIN will be used by Caribbean hams globally, to foster and develop the hobby and to provide authentic support to our Caribbean counterparts during times of disaster response.

Many thanks to the Team for creating this DMR infrastructure and for provisioning the talkgroup: CDARIN