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Callsign: DV1PCW

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Talkgroup ID: 51533




Talkgroup Description

DX3T Juggernaut Amateur Radio Club, Inc. was established in Camiling, Tarlac by different groups of enthusiastic young adults involved in different sports activities, a mix of ideologies and principles, but with a common goal and interest in the Amateur Radio service.

In mid 1996, eight newly licensed Amateurs conceptualized in organizing a local Amateur Radio Club. Eager and with high spirits, some research and hard work, they founded JARC, Inc. in December 28, 1996. In the early part of 1997, with an aggressive campaign in the advancement, development and improvement of the Amateur Radio service in the locality, the organization increased its licensed members and created awareness in individuals interested in pursuing Ham Radio. The organization conducted research and seminars, technical experimentation and basic electronics studies to prepare the members for the Amateur Radio examinations scheduled for that year. In September, the association was incorporated with twenty-five licensed members. In November, the club was accredited by the National Telecommunications Commission and affiliated with the Philippine Amateur Radio Association, Inc. It was given the Amateur Radio Station callsign DX3T.

The club's continuing interests are: advance studies and technical experimentation, explorations and propagation tests of radio communications, electronic innovations, assembly, construction and manufacture, as well as improvement and home-brewing of antennas, devices, equipment and transmitters, receivers and other gadgets for Amateur Radio use.

DX3T operates on its calling frequency 145.240 MHz and conducts the net at 1200Z. DX3T can be heard on 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meter bands during contests, DX'ing, Dx-peditions and special field day events. Among its awards are: First Place, Multi-op Single-transmitter, Phone, Continental Leader, 1998 ARRL Int'l DX Contest; and, First Place, Multi-op Two-transmitter, Phone, Oceania, 1999 ARRL Int'l DX Contest.

"We continue to serve Ham Radio in advancing, developing and improving the technical skills of individuals interested in the hobby and the service it provides other people and the world."