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  Eastern Pennsylvania Hub

Talkgroup Trustee 

Callsign: W3NTT

Contact Details:

Talkgroup ID: 52008




Talkgroup Description

Welcome to The Poconos Hub based out of Palmerton, PA. This hub is a rotational linked hub that connects to different nodes on a daily basis. This hub was orginally started by the former W3NTT (James Groover) my father, in the year of 2020. As we began to start the process of repeating, my father unexpectedly passed away on 6/10/20. At that point I was left with a machine that I did not know about. I turned to a friend for assistance, and he assisted and built it from the ground up while teaching me. Without him this would have never happened. I was able to take my father’s call and continue his dream. To which everytime the repeater keys up, I will forever remember my father.

The purpose of this hub is to connect repeater owners in the form of analog and digital via Allstar, DMR, and Yeasu system fusion, without having to build bridges of their own. So this hub is a “base” for any repeater to connect to communicate in the following systems mentioned above. Anyone is welcome to connect at anytime, It is not just for the Eastern side of Pennsylvania, it is for everyone to enjoy.

This hub has a full time connection to the W3NTT Repeater, located near The Pocono Raceway with a pair of 448.625 -5 PL 210.7.

For any questions, comments, or interests in being a part of the hub or the HBLink server, please email me at or if you’d like, call me at 484-613-5616


Aaron Groover – W3NTT

The following schedule is the rotation of nodes connected daily to the hub on a 24 hour basis:

W3NTT – 52007
KC2IRV – 42816
WA3PNY – 53108
N3XG – 56307
W3DFX – 56256
YSF – 52008
TGIF – 52008