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  Eastern Pennyslvania Hub

Talkgroup Trustee 

Callsign: W3NTT

Contact Details:

Talkgroup ID: 52008




Talkgroup Description

Welcome to the W3NTT/R system. Located in Tunkhannock, PA and Jim Thorpe, PA.

Transmitting from Bear Mountain and Pimple Hill, this system is open to all users.

Allstar functions are open as well. Please utilize the Allstar commands defined on

Linking to the repeaters is OPEN as well and can be used for any emergency situation (ARES) where the repeater resides. So if for any reason the county ARES teams repeater fails they may utilize this system for ARES operation. If for any reason these repeaters are being used for emergency communications, this system will be automatically changed to local mode only and linking will be disabled.

This system is also linked via DMR with the TGIF Network. There are no formal nets or newsline reports unless its requested.

It is linked full time to KC2IRV at Tunckhannock, and WX3OES at Jim Thorpe.

However, a few rules… please

Linking to “wide area” networks will be timed. If for any reason it is left connected to a wide area system. 30 minutes of inactivity on the local side will result in disconnecting the link. No need to make bacon and eggs on the transmitter.

Respect other stations using the system. Please do not hog the mic. Once you start a good conversation, people will want to chime in. It is about an 80% chance of that happening. Keep and ear out and pass it over to the person who “broke” in.

Please let the repeater drop every once in a while. They kind of love that sort of thing, ya know? Its kind of like when you get tired of talking. You just want to stop. I can not explain it a better way than that.

Treat others with respect. Please. This is a hobby.

If you want to whistle to jam the machine(s), please make sure its at a 1k tone so I can check proper levels on the receive side. It really helps a lot. Otherwise, if you can not perform that task, nobody will answer you, and you will most certainly be stepped on and the conversation will continue as you were not even there. Basically saying here is that, nobody cares…

The following machines are available for use below.

Jim Thorpe: 443.700 +5 173.8

Pimple Hill: 448.625 -5 173.8

For any questions, comments, please email me at or if you’d like, call me at 484-464-3380


Aaron Groover – W3NTT