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TG 7208 is the spot for RC pilots to gather and talk about everything radio-controlled.  More and more, the two hobbies of amateur radio and radio-control (RC) are crossing paths.  The latest FPV craze in the RC world has perpetuated this fact as RC'ers, wishing to stay legal, often get their amateur tech license in order to use their video transmitting gear on their RC craft.  In so doing, they often "crack the lid" on a new hobby.  

I chose this TG number because one of my earliest recollections was dad's cool Kraft "crash box" (transmitter) wearing a set of flags on its brown, the other white.  Back before our modern 2.4GHz RC spektrum, the majority of pilots flew on 72MHz.  "Brown and White", as it was called, signified that dads TX was on 72.08MHz.  Even back then, if an RC pilot was also a ham, he/she was most likely utilizing one of the ten RC frequencies down on 50MHz, in the 6-meter band, allocated just for RC aircraft use.  That pilot usually enjoyed more time in the air, due to being in their own mini-community where there were fewer pilots who could potentially be on the same frequency on any given day, at the same flying spot.
Being a ham in today's RC world means that you can also use one of several long-range RC systems that transmit on well as being licensed to use video transmitters that run on 1.28GHz.
Whatever you fly....fixed-wing, multirotor or helicopters, we want to hear about it.  What RC system "tickles your fancy"?  
Stop on in anytime to share stories, talk about a current project, get/give advice or just chat.  We'll all be more than happy to share our RC hobby.