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  TexasGMRS Network

Talkgroup Trustee 

Callsign: N0GIY

Contact Details:

Talkgroup ID: 797




Talkgroup Description

We are a group of non-commercial radio operators consisting of individuals and their families. 

We share a common interest in two-way radio communications. 

Visit our website to learn more
become dual licensed with *GMRS* if you're in the USA! 

We hope to hear you on the air!

73 from TXGMRS !!!

Current TXGMRS members on TGIF

KJ5EWS Chris McGrail WRPV394
KI5TRL Mark Nisula WREZ914
KI5TGK David Elkins WRFQ344
KA5JKI Joe Mireles WRFR292
N0GIY Quentin Dergan WRJK797
KI5NMK Randall Gurnsey WRTF269
KI5TUS Richard Grigsby WRNV844

Honorary mention to 
K7VLL Darren Carlow WRCU527

visit his talkgroup 527
his website: