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  East Coast Reflector 9050

Talkgroup Trustee 

Callsign: W4END

Contact Details:

Talkgroup ID: 9050




Talkgroup Description

Welcome to the East Coast Reflector 


The East Coast Reflector runs a Tech Net and Swap Net every Tuesday evening on the 9050 reflector at 8:00PM East Coast Time and run until approximately 10:00PM.


Started on June 4, 2014 the East Coast Reflector IRLP-Allstar Tech Net has been meeting every Tuesday evening between 8:00 and 10:00 PM East Coast Time. Your net control stations are Dick WB2JPQ and Henry WB4IVB.

The Tech Net is open to all amateurs worldwide and we encourage and welcome your participation.

You can access the net through any IRLP repeater or simplex node by connecting to the East Coast Reflector 9050. If you are an Allstar user you can connect through one of our Allstar bridges 27339, 45192 or 45225. Our system is also open to all Echolink users, however, if you are not a Link (L) or Repeater (R) you must be pre-registered with our servers for access. To be added to our allow list please contact Emil, WA2UPK by clicking the following link -> Echolink pre-authorization with the callsign to be added. Server updates are only done on the first Saturday night of each month. Our Echolink gateway numbers are 57780 and 375103.

 If you are a DMR BrandMeister user, you may access the system through our DMR Talk Group 3129973. For DMR TGIF Prime users, you may access the system through TGIF TG9050. Users must have a DMR ID to access the digital side of the system. If you are a DSTAR user, you may access using XRF256E or XLX892D or for our YSF / C4FM Fusion users, you can access the system through YSF92805 or YSF44444. As a reminder, and always good practice, when accessing the system on all digital modes there are additional delays due to the linking process, please key up 3 seconds before talking and leave long brakes between transmission.

 The net control stations along with the help of all connected nodes try to answer all amateur radio related questions. Come join us on Tuesday nights.

WB4IVB and WB2JPQ net control stations